Gynaecological surgery


In GinnovaBarcelona you will find a team that is distinguished by having been a pioneer in laparoscopic gynecological surgery in our country. More than 25 years of experience in this discipline led us to found the International School of Gynaecological Endoscopy in 2006 together with other colleagues, with a teaching vocation and with the aim of sharing our knowledge with other gynaecology professionals. Over all these years, thousands of interventions have allowed us to continue learning and now is the time to share our knowledge with you.

We give special importance to outpatient or minimally invasive surgeries:

Laparoscopy is a surgical technique that allows access to abdominal organs without having to open the abdominal wall. In doing so, the post-operative period is improved and shortened.

With this technique can be performed all sorts of abdominal surgeries which traditionally required a wide opening of the abdominal wall, working on the uterus, ovaries or fallopian tubes.

In GinnovaBarcelona we have the most advanced technology, and a highly qualified team with years of experience in gynaecological laparoscopic surgery that puts at your disposal the best surgical treatment of any gynaecological pathology.

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In GinnovaBarcelona are pioneers in hysteroscopic surgery and our professionals have collaborated in the technological development and improvement of work equipment.

Hysteroscopy is a simple, fast and outpatient procedure that allows us to visualize the inside of the uterine cavity and perform interventions in it such as the resection of endometrial polyps or myomas. Myomas are more laborious to resect because they tend to be larger and harder. Other interventions commonly performed by hysteroscopy are the diagnosis and biopsy of doubtful images by ultrasound scan, or the removal of strange objects, such as retained fragments of an IUD.

An expert team in oncological surgery coordinated with a multidisciplinary team like the one you will find in GinnovaBarcelona is one of the basic pillars of a good Gynaecological Oncology Unit. We have the most advanced technological means and the necessary knowledge and experience to carry out the surgical treatment of your disease in an individualized way, safely, faithfully following the protocols and following the latest scientific evidence, giving priority whenever possible to the laparoscopic way which offers us the advantage of a better vision of the tissues and a faster recovery which will also mean that if additional treatments are required they can be started more quickly.

In GinnovaBarcelona we have professionals with a special sensitivity for pelvic floor problems and a long tradition in incontinence and prolapse surgery.

The pelvic floor is a complex anatomical space, the dysfunction of which can cause the descent of pelvic organs such as the uterus, urinary bladder or rectum, or alterations in their function causing incontinence.

These alterations must be carefully assessed and a good overall study carried out because the intimate relationship of these organs with each other means that by acting on one, we may affect the rest. For this reason it is very important to have a proper knowledge of their anatomy and physiology.

The most common treatments are vaginal hysterectomy, or vaginal plasties. And the Tension Free Bands-TOT when there is urinary incontinence. Sometimes other more sophisticated and highly specialized operations are required, in which the GinnovaBarcelona Pelvic Floor team is expert, such as Colposacropexy or Uteropexy by laparoscopy.

At GinnovaBarcelona we want you, as a woman, to feel comfortable and satisfied with your body, that is why we encourage cosmetic and reparative gynaecological surgery.

If the problem that concerns you requires surgical treatment… Who better than your gynaecologist to do so? He or she is the specialist with whom you treat the most delicate issues, the one who knows this part of the anatomy the best and the implications it may have, and will assess your case with discretion, honesty and accuracy.

If your vulvar lips are asymmetric, or too large, or after childbirth the vaginal walls are wider, we can increase the tension and sensitivity during sexual intercourse with surgical treatment or with a few laser sessions to tone-up the musculature or even correct slight urinary incontinence and regenerate the mucosa to make it more moist and elastic.

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