General gynaecology

A once a year visit, in a few minutes, gives us the opportunity to do a highly recommended health check up to prevent pathologies and maintain a high quality of life.

Gynaecological check up

For many women gynecologist is the only doctor they visit once a year, this is the opportunity to make an overall assessment of their general and gynecological state and promote a healthy lifestyle.

In the periodic gynaecological check-up by means of the interview, the examination and some complementary tests such as smear test, an ultrasound scan, blood test or a mammography, we can make an overall assessment of the state of health and prevent or detect diseases at an incipient stage.

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Contraceptive advice

If you need information and advice on contraception, we will evaluate all the options available and choose together the one that suits you the best.

Today there is a limited but wide range of family planning methods. At GinnovaBarcelona we offer you a visit to inform you and solve your doubts about the different contraceptive methods and, depending on personal aspects such as age, number of children, frequency of sexual encounters, your background and preferences, help you to find the most suitable one for you.

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Adolescence unit

We offer you an environment of total confidentiality in this time of discovery and changes to clarify all your doubts about your body, your sexuality, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.

If you wonder if what happens to you is normal, you’re worried about having an illness, or you have any doubts about your sexual health come to GinnovaBarcelona, our professionals will inform you clearly and help you solve any problem with a simple visit: menstrual disorders, period pains, genital infections, need of information about sexuality and contraceptive methods…

Menopause unit

During this period of physical and emotional changes we offer you advice, accompaniment and treatment if necessary, to face this new stage in a healthy and positive way.

At GinnovaBarcelona our specialists offer you a personalized follow-up at this stage, and will recommend the most appropriate measures to reduce the symptoms you may suffer (hot flushes, insomnia, irritability, vaginal dryness…).

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Gynaecological pathology

We can offer you diagnosis and medical or surgical treatment of various pathologies such as myomas, endometrial polyps, ovarian cysts, endometriosis…

If you have been diagnosed with any of these pathologies and you need more information, or if you want a second opinion, at GinnovaBarcelona you will find experts who will solve all your doubts based on the most current medical protocols and with the most advanced diagnostic tools.

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Gynaecological ultrasound unit

We have high quality ultrasound scanners of the best brands and professionals with specific training and extensive experience in gynaecological ultrasound.

If your specialist has requested an ultrasound scan, you need a second opinion or a more specific scan such as a Doppler, 3D or Pelvic Floor Study, our Gynaecological Ultrasound Unit offers you these services. All the members of the team have specialised training to carry out these tests. If you visit GinnovaBarcelona, we will do them at the same time as the visit and in the same centre to avoid you having to travel unnecessarily.

Vph and lower genital tract unit

We have wide experience in the prevention of infection by the Human Papilloma Virus, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of lesions.

If you are worried about the Human Papilloma Virus (known as HPV), if you need a second opinion or simply information, at GinnovaBarcelona you will find specialists who will answer all your questions about HPV, the vaccine, genital warts or or pathological results of the smear test.

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Pelvic floor unit

Our specialists understand the pelvic floor and offer you diagnosis and treatment of genital prolapse and incontinence, with discretion and professionalism.

We offer you a global approach to this pathology, from diagnosis to treatment, with a multidisciplinary and highly specialized team.

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Gynaecological oncology unit

If there is the suspicion of a gynaecological cancer in GinnovaBarcelona we offer you a circuit for the quick diagnosis of cancer and a specialized Unit.

We study each case individually and our multidisciplinary team, made up of rigorous and empathetic professionals, recommends the most appropriate treatment following the latest scientific evidence.

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